Family Medicine Geriatric Wellness

Family Medicine Geriatric Wellness

Old age is a phase of life when a person, on one hand, is free from the tensions of hectic work schedules and stresses of the around-the-clock routine of domestic living. But on the other hand, as one ages, the body`s defense mechanisms reduce and youthfulness fades away.

If timely attention is not paid, various medical complications can set in making the already uncomfortable realization of getting old, more unbearable. But generally one keeps ignoring subtle signs given by the body. This in turn can keep on building up into increasing discomfort, which may require very prompt medical attention and sometimes even hospitalization.

What if an elder person’s health is regularly monitored? Wouldn’t it then be much easier to control and reduce medical complications and prevent emergencies and extreme discomfort for the patient? Yes, this definitely is an answer to the woes of old age, allowing one to age gracefully and have a good quality of life and enjoy the beautiful sunset of life. This is the goal of our organization which we aim to achieve by providing personalized day-to-day care for our elderly.