Choosing The Right Domain Name

Choosing The Right Domain Name

Starting an online business enterprise can be very exciting. Having your website for products and services, can get you excited. You start with research, plan, ways and means to set up your own business. Hence, the first step is, choosing the right domain name for your website.

What Is a Domain Name?

It is an address of your website that is on the internet. It is also called as a URLUniform Resource Locator. The domain name is unique to your website. It is also available. Check the availability HERE. The most common domain name ends with.COM and many other common names are .ORG,.NET, .INFO,.IN,.BIZ and many more. Before buying a domain name one must do some research.

5 Tips for buying Domain:

  • Keep it simple to type and easy to remember
  • Keep the name as short as possible
  • Avoid using hyphenated word, if possible
  • Avoid slang terms or weird names
  • Avoid using numbers

Shorter names are usually better. Sometime an extended one could make memorable. It should be easy to pronounce. Domain with keywords usually builds the brand recognition.

Prepare a list of names associated with your brand or business. Search for their availability for domain name registrar. Also, look for a web hosting service provider which might also give you a free domain registration with web space to upload your website.




While choosing a domain registrar find out their expertise in the market. They should be reputed and established and have 24/7 customer friendly support system. With little effort you should be able to get a perfect domain name, web hosting service provider and web developer to start your own online business.