Benefits of Having Your Own Dedicated Server

Benefits of Having Your Own Dedicated Server

Steve Jobs once said that if you are using the internet for the business and having a Facebook and Twitter account isn’t enough. In the modern world you need to have to develop your website for your products and services. In addition to the domain name registered, you also have to develop and host your site. There are several hosting options including Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Web Hosting and Cloud Hosting. When you have a Dedicated Server it comes with various benefits that include:


Dedicated servers of your own give you more control, allowing you to install and configure the software that your business needs to run effectively. It gives the flexibility to run the server as per your requirement and use the server within the available configuration you wish.

You can customize according to your requirements. You can create a server environment through updating CPU, Disk Space, RAM, and Operating System.


Basically, as an owner of the dedicated server, you will never overload.  It will not be affected by any other website. It means you will not experiencing a slower response as it’s the case with shared hosting plans. Since your website will be up all the time, you will always be happy for the growth of business.

To ensure that your website is at high performance regularly, you can hire an administrator who will monitor it 24/7. So that, the administrator can fix it as soon as possible. In any case the response time will be prompt. You do not require to raise the support ticket. When the server is not responding you don’t have to send tickets and emails to the hosting company. You only need to contact your administrator, and everything will be back to normal again.


Although you’ll be able to set up the most effective security measures on your website, your shared hosting server is not secured. With the dedicated server, you don’t have to trouble over your website’s security as you are not sharing with spammers, malicious websites and hackers at all. If you handle sensitive transactions over SSL one should use shared hosting in any respect.

Since you have full admin control over your server, you’ll be able to monitor it, and in the event of any suspicious activity, you choose quick action to repair.


These are lots of benefits of a Dedicated Server. Whereas the choice of hosting plan is the best, it’s essential to have the expertise to maintain the server. If you don’t have the skills, you should hire a professional to help you out.