STROKES – An Exclusive Art Studio

STROKES – An Exclusive Art Studio

Why take an art class? The reasons are as unique as each individual. If you are up for an adventure, The STROKES – An Exclusive Art Studio will set you on a journey that can sustain you for a lifetime.

We are, at STROKES, that brings art and the benefits of creating art to the entire community. We offer affordable fee-based and free classes and workshops, host events and exhibits, and foster awareness of the positive effects of creativity on individuals and the entire community.

Our goal is to bring art and art instruction to everyone regardless of age, identity, or background because we believe that through the process of learning to draw and developing an art practice, you expand your perspective of the world around you.

You find a renewed sense of self-worth and wellbeing. You create a stronger, more connected community for us all.

Annually we serve many individuals through a variety of art classes and workshops, and thousands more through outreach, exhibits, and shows. We offer classes on weekends and during the day. We serve students of all skill levels and expertise.

Our Mission is to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to embrace art practice as a pathway to personal growth and a healthy community.

We invite you to connect with us and thank you in advance for believing in the power of creativity!