Green Solar Park

Green Solar Park

Leading Solar Company In Mumbai

Solar Industry being submerged with Installations of low-cost modules, Green power a brand making it USP of having quality installations with its Energetic and dedicated in house team of project Managers having precision in executing the contracts to its optimum level.

We command expertise in all aspects of solar rooftop segments, such as, in house Installation & Commissioning team, innovative and user friendly custom manufacturing of solar mounting structure as per site requirements, liaison for net metering arrangements, and other departmental work across the state of Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnataka, and Goa.

Green Power is a Mumbai based EPC that undertake end to end solutions in designing and installation of PV solar rooftop plants We have some of the iconic installations to our name which includes a 200-year-old Mosque which is a Grade 2A heritage structure and many more installations which have been extensively covered by print media.